Avoid stressful emergencies and costs

Maintaining a residential septic system isn’t typically in front of a homeowners’ mind until something goes wrong. How to avoid that dreaded statement “If only I had”.

Although septic system maintenance should be left to the professionals, there are a few things that homeowners can do to ensure their septic system is functioning properly.

A few easy preventative steps

  1. Don’t wait, clogged drains should are taken care of immediately. Clogged drains prevent the systems natural process and can cause a buildup of solids in the tank. Never force solids down, it can cause further issues that are more difficult to remedy. Call for a professional drain cleaning so that the clog can be properly dealt with properly.
  2. Occasionally inspect the area around your system. Check for smells, softer than usual ground and exceptionally greener grass patches in the drain field.
  3. If a problem does arise, or if things just don’t look right, prompt action can make a difference in how serious the issue is. Call for a professional for guidance.