Norweco a century of perfecting septic system quality and dependability

For over a century, Norweco, located in Norwalk Ohio has been a wastewater industry leader in Canada and the United States. And, in 2014 that leadership ranking was put to the test as the Government of Ontario informed all septic system suppliers operating in Ontario, that by January 2017 their systems would have to pass a BNQ protocol test to be certified as complying with the Ontario Building Code (OBC).

At that time, there were more than a dozen manufacturers of tertiary septic systems being sold and installed in Ontario. By 2017 only a handful of companies had succeeded in passing the BNQ requirements including Norweco, the first and only company to pass all five BNQ test criteria. Quite an accomplishment in the wastewater industry.

With proper design and installation, a Norweco Hydro-Kinetic tertiary system should last three times as long as a conventional septic system.

Even when you consider the servicing and parts needed for this system over time, it has the lowest ownership cost per year when compared to competitive systems.

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